Participating Companies

AgriMetis is com­mitt­ed to work­ing with lead­ing agri­cul­ture com­pa­nies and busi­ness­es to fill this emerg­ing need. With head­quar­ters near Bal­ti­more, Mary­land, AgriMetis cont­in­ues to grow and de­vel­op its tech­nolo­gies and ca­pa­bil­i­ties. [more in­for­ma­tion]
Allele Biotechnology
​Lead­ing in­de­pen­dent Nanoanti­boy (nAb) tech plat­form. Mul­ti­ple whol­ly-owned hu­man­ized nAb ther­a­peu­tics in late-stage pre-clin­i­cal studies. Shares the sci­en­tif­ic foun­da­tion Ab­l­ynx used to de­vel­op its pipe­line. IBD (TN­Fa) and On­col­o­gy (HER2) are among ini­tial tar­gets. [more in­for­ma­tion]
Alpha Cancer Technologies
In na­ture AFP is an im­mune reg­u­la­to­ry pro­tein in­volved in pro­tect­ing the fe­tus from at­tack by the mother's im­mune sys­tem and is a car­ri­er pro­tein known for di­vert­ing and tran­s­port­ing nu­tri­ents from the mother to AFP re­cep­tors which are found ex­clu­sive­ly on rapid­ly grow­ing fe­tal cells. [more in­for­ma­tion]
AsclepiX Therapeutics
AX­T107 de­mon­s­trat­ed ef­fi­ca­cy and dura­bil­i­ty in rab­bit and mouse mod­els that is su­pe­ri­or to stan­dard of care Eye­lea. [more in­for­ma­tion]
Asklepion Pharmaceuticals
Pri­vate, fo­cused on the de­vel­op­ment of IV Cit­rul­line for rare pe­di­a­tric dis­eas­es. First in­di­ca­tion, the pre­ven­tion of sig­ni­f­i­cant se­que­lae of pe­di­a­tric acute car­diopul­mo­nary by­pass-in­duced lung in­jury, Ph 3 trial is on­go­ing. [more in­for­ma­tion]
Aurigene Discovery Technologies Limited
Au­ri­gene is sett­ing up a New­Co in the US by spin­n­ing out its on­col­o­gy as­sets, com­pris­ing mul­ti­ple first-in-class and best-in-class as­sets, at IND-en­abling and pre-clin­i­cal de­vel­op­ment stages. New­Co will al­so cont­in­ue to lev­er­age Au­ri­gene's plat­form tech­nolo­gies for port­fo­lio de­vel­op­ment, and hopes to be a glob­al com­mer­cial on­col­o­gy biotech over the next few years. [more in­for­ma­tion]
BioElectron Technology Corporation
Through a deep un­der­s­tand­ing of both the struc­tu­ral and elec­tro­chem­i­cal prop­er­ties of re­dox-ac­tive small molecules, we can unique­ly tar­get oxi­dore­duc­tase en­zymes with known bi­o­log­i­cal sig­ni­f­i­cance to de­liv­er so­lu­tions to im­por­tant bi­o­log­i­cal problems that are be­yond the reach of cur­rent ap­proach­es and tools. [more in­for­ma­tion]
Caribou Biosciences
Our sin­gu­lar fo­cus is on the ad­vance­ment of new ap­pli­ca­tions for CRIS­PR-Cas gene edit­ing that will help bring the tre­men­dous promise this tech­nol­o­gy holds for pa­tients and con­sumers to re­al­i­ty. [more in­for­ma­tion]
CellMax Life
The com­pany is cur­rent­ly fo­cused on col­orec­tal can­cer (CRC) screen­ing us­ing the clin­i­cal­ly vali­dat­ed CMx plat­form, a blood biop­sy test plat­form that de­tects pre-can­cer­ous le­sions (ade­no­mas) in as lit­tle as two tea­spoons of blood (less than 10mL). [more in­for­ma­tion]
Clene Nanomedicine, Inc.
Clene has a new vi­sion for a phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal fu­ture us­ing ther­a­peu­tic el­e­ments in nov­el high­ly ca­t­a­lyt­ic nano­forms to pro­duce a new ther­a­peu­tic class of drugs termed Medici­nal Ca­t­alysts. Clene's lead as­set, CNM-Au8, is a pro­pri­e­tary liquid oral sus­pen­sion of clean sur­faced facet­ed gold nanocrys­tals that act ca­t­a­lyt­i­cal­ly to en­hance cel­lu­lar bioen­er­get­ic pro­cess­es. [more in­for­ma­tion]
Context Therapeutics
Con­text’s lead pro­gram is Apris­tor®, an in­vesti­ga­tio­n­al oral full pro­ges­terone re­cep­tor (PR) an­ta­g­on­ist that is in Phase 2 de­vel­op­ment for PR+ breast, ovarian, and en­dome­trial can­cers. In ad­di­tion, Con­text is ad­vanc­ing CTX-30916, a pre­clin­i­cal oral pro­ges­terone re­cep­tor an­ta­g­on­ist, and a dis­cov­ery-stage pro­gram tar­get­ing Sig­ma1. [more in­for­ma­tion]
CureVac AG
Found­ing Co of mR­NA space (last round $1bn+). In­tra­tu­mo­ral ther­a­py Ph1 (mul­ti­ple onc in­di­ca­tions) ini­ti­at­ed Q4 17, ear­ly da­ta rep at SITC. First pt en­rolled Ph 1 pro­phy­lac­tic mR­NA ra­bies vax Oct 2018. Pro­phy­lac­tic in­fluen­za vax ini­ti­a­tion Ph 1 2020, OTC de­fi­cien­cy Ph 1 ini­ti­a­tion H219. In­ter­im da­ta /all trials: 2019. [more in­for­ma­tion]
eFFECTOR Therapeutics
Each of our prod­uct can­di­dates is de­signed to act on a sin­gle pro­tein that reg­u­lates, in a co­or­d­i­nat­ed man­n­er, the ex­pres­sion of mul­ti­ple func­tio­n­al­ly re­lat­ed pro­teins that to­gether drive im­por­tant bi­o­log­i­cal pro­cess­es such as im­mune, stress and in­flam­ma­to­ry re­spons­es, as well as cell pro­lif­er­a­tion and sur­vi­val. [more in­for­ma­tion]
Elstar Therapeutics, Inc.
El­s­tar Ther­a­peu­tics is ful­filling the promise of pre­ci­sion can­cer im­munother­a­py through a pow­er­ful new ap­proach to gen­er­at­ing anti­body-based, mul­ti-func­tio­n­al ther­a­peu­tics. El­s­tar’s Uni­ver­sal Tar­get­ed Im­munother­a­py (Uni­TI™) plat­form is po­si­tioned to over­come bar­ri­ers that are lim­it­ing the full po­ten­tial of other promis­ing im­munother­a­peu­tic ap­proach­es. [more in­for­ma­tion]
Engage Therapeutics
En­gage Ther­a­peu­tics is fo­cused on bring­ing pa­tients with epilep­sy suf­fer­ing from un­con­trolled seizures what could be the first res­cue treat­ment with the po­ten­tial to stop their seizures. One in three of those peo­ple have what is con­sid­ered re­frac­to­ry epilep­sy with un­con­trolled seizures, as one or more an­ti-epilep­tic drugs has not worked for them. [more in­for­ma­tion]
Se­lec­tive in­hibi­tors of TGF Be­ta & EGFR path­ways. AACR: (+) Ph 1 da­ta. 3 on­go­ing Ph 2 trials (SCCHN, NS­CLC, TN­BC); ad­dl Ph 1 trials in IO, Sys­temic Scle­ro­sis & Myelo­fi­bro­sis [more in­for­ma­tion]
Goldfinch Bio
Just as the goldfinch has long been a sym­bol of heal­ing and re­ne­w­al and was a promi­nent fig­ure of the Re­nais­sance, Goldfinch Bio is lead­ing a new age of ther­a­peu­tic dis­cov­ery to trans­form the treat­ment paradigm for pa­tients with kid­ney dis­eas­es. [more in­for­ma­tion]
The com­pany's lead can­di­date is HO­RA-PDE6B, which is in Phase I/II clin­i­cal trials with an in­di­ca­tion in PDE6B re­tini­tis pig­men­tosa. The se­cond prod­uct will en­ter in the clin­ic in H1 2019 The com­pany raised EUR 22.5 mil­lion of Se­ries B ven­ture fund­ing from Kur­ma Part­n­ers, Pon­ti­fax Ven­ture Cap­i­tal, Fund+ on Novem­ber 8, 2017. [more in­for­ma­tion]
Meditope Biosciences, Inc.
As a re­sult, a vast ar­ray of im­muno-on­col­o­gy prod­ucts can be con­struct­ed with ease and ef­fi­cien­cy, in­clud­ing 'switch­able' CAR-Ts, nov­el bis­pe­cifics/tris­pe­cif­ic molecules, anti­body-pro­tein con­ju­gates, etc. [more in­for­ma­tion]
A clin­i­cal-stage bio­phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal com­pany fo­cused on build­ing an in­no­va­tive pipe­line of best-in-class drugs to treat liv­er and gas­troin­testi­nal dis­eas­es. MET409, the lead prod­uct can­di­date, was pur­pose­ful­ly de­signed to be an op­ti­mized, next-gen­er­a­tion FXR ag­on­ist that is ini­tial­ly be­ing de­vel­oped as a po­ten­tial­ly dif­fer­en­ti­at­ed and best-in-class treat­ment for NASH. [more in­for­ma­tion]
Modus Therapeutics AB
A se­cond for­mu­la­tion, a sub­cu­ta­neous for­mu­la­tion, will be a first-in class op­tion for SCD pa­tients and will al­low dos­ing at home. By the end of 2018 we ex­pect that the Phase II IV study will be ful­ly en­rolled and a Phase I PK study for the SC op­tion will al­so be com­plete. [more in­for­ma­tion]
The Com­pany re­port­ed Phase 2 ef­fi­ca­cy and safe­ty da­ta for NRX-011 in De­cem­ber 2018, suggest­ing po­ten­tial for NRX-101 in main­tain­ing re­mis­sion from sev­er­al bipo­lar de­pres­sion with acute sui­ci­dal idea­tion fol­low­ing an ini­tial sta­bi­l­iza­tion with ke­tamine. [more in­for­ma­tion]
NexImmune, Inc.
Anti­gen-spe­cif­ic T cell ther­a­py. Syn­thet­ic nano­par­ti­cles de­c­o­rat­ed w a com­bo of mul­ti­ple tu­mor rel­e­vant anti­gens and co-sti­m­u­la­to­ry sig­nals en­gag­ing di­rect­ly w tar­get­ed T cells. Mul­ti­ple IND fil­ings exp H1'19. [more in­for­ma­tion]
Re­cent­ly ac­quired a man­u­fac­tur­ing fa­cil­i­ty for ra­dioi­so­topes in Den­ton, TX.&nb­sp; Plan to re­open fa­cil­i­ty with 2 key prod­ucts: Thal­li­um-201 and Tech­neti­um-99 [more in­for­ma­tion]
NX Prenatal
Nov­el NeX­o­some® molec­u­lar di­ag­nos­tics plat­form for preterm birth, pree­clamp­sia, and other ad­verse preg­nan­cy out­comes. ex­o­somes) shed from ma­ter­nal and fe­tal tis­sues in­to the blood­stream. Lead prod­uct is The KYPS (Know Your Preterm Risk Score) Test which has been shown to iden­ti­fy preg­nan­cies at risk for preterm de­liv­ery as ear­ly as 10-12 wks ges­ta­tion. [more in­for­ma­tion]
Pliant Therapeutics, Inc.
Pliant has de­vel­oped a port­fo­lio of ful­ly-owned de­vel­op­ment can­di­dates fo­cused on in­hibit­ing the TGFb path­way through in­te­grin in­hi­bi­tion. The com­pany’s lead prod­uct can­di­date, PLN-74809 is an oral small-molecule du­al se­lec­tive in­hibi­tor of &al­pha;vß6 and &al­pha;vß1 in­te­grins that is be­ing de­vel­oped in idio­path­ic pul­mo­nary fi­bro­sis (IPF), and pri­mary scle­ros­ing cholan­gi­tis (PSC). [more in­for­ma­tion]
PsiOxus Therapeutics
The ther­a­py (NG-348), us­es virus to tran­s­port two ther­a­peu­tic genes di­rect­ly in­to tu­mors to re­cruit im­mune cells in­to at­tack­ing tar­get­ed can­cer cells. Up­com­ing Mile­s­tones: - 2 pro­grams in clin­ic with read­outs in 2019 (ovarian can­cer in comb w Pa­cl­i­tax­el, car­ci­no­mas in comb w nivolumab) - 2 INDs in 2018 (NG-348 and NG-350A) - 2 INDs in 2019 (NG-641 and NG-347) [more in­for­ma­tion]
Rani Therapeutics
Has de­vel­oped a nov­el ap­proach for the oral de­liv­ery of large drug molecules in­clud­ing pep­tides, pro­teins and anti­bodies. We are cur­rent­ly in pre-clin­i­cal studies and have de­mon­s­trat­ed greater than 50% bioa­vai­l­a­bil­i­ty. [more in­for­ma­tion]
Rapt Therapeutics
RAPT Ther­a­peu­tics is a clin­i­cal stage im­munol­o­gy-based bio­phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal com­pany fo­cused on dis­cov­er­ing, de­vel­op­ing and com­mer­cial­iz­ing oral small molecule ther­a­pies for pa­tients with sig­ni­f­i­cant un­met needs in on­col­o­gy and in­flam­ma­to­ry dis­eas­es. [more in­for­ma­tion]
Recros Medica
is a clin­i­cal stage med­i­cal de­vice com­pany which en­gages in the de­vel­op­ment of aes­thet­ic de­vices. It pro­duces med­i­cal aes­thet­ic tech­nol­o­gy plat­form Ro­ta­tio­n­al Frac­tio­n­al Re­sec­tion, with mul­ti­ple clin­i­cal ap­pli­ca­tions for med­i­cal aes­thet­ic physi­cians. The com­pany was found­ed by Ed­ward Knowl­ton, David F. Hale, and Cathy L. Mc­Carthy in 2014 and is head­quar­tered in San Die­go, CA [more in­for­ma­tion]
SciFluor Life Sciences, Inc.
Sci­Flu­or cre­ates pro­pri­e­tary best-in-class drugs based on well-un­der­s­tood path­ways in ar­eas of sig­ni­f­i­cant med­i­cal need such as oph­thal­mol­o­gy, neu­ro­s­cience and fi­brot­ic dis­eas­es. Our lead clin­i­cal drug can­di­date, SF0166, is an eye drop ther­a­peu­tic for treat­ing back-of-the-eye dis­eas­es. [more in­for­ma­tion]
Sublimity Therapeutics
Com­plet­ed 100 pt Ph2a study in 2018 eval­u­at­ing re­for­mu­lat­ed Cy­clos­porine as a top­i­cal treat­ment in pts w/ mod to se­vere UC. The as­set is cur­rent­ly in a Ph 2b dose rang­ing study. Com­plet­ed $64 m fi­nanc­ing (co-led by Or­biMed & Lon­gi­tude w par­ti­ci­pa­tion from HBM Health­care). [more in­for­ma­tion]
Gen­er­at­ed pre-clin­i­cal proof-of-con­cept with its PCV in head-to-head studies against cur­rent vaccines and has ad­vanced the pro­gram in­to IND-en­abling de­vel­op­ment to de­mon­s­trate proof-of-con­cept in adults and chil­dren. [more in­for­ma­tion]
Vestaron Corporation
Ves­taron is a com­pany ded­i­cat­ed to im­prov­ing the safe­ty, ef­fi­ca­cy and sus­tain­a­bil­i­ty of crop pro­tec­tion through dis­place­ment of chem­i­cal pes­ti­cides with bi­o­log­i­cal pep­tides. As part of this, the com­pany has de­vel­oped fer­men­ta­tion-based pep­tide pro­duc­tion and in­sect re­sis­tant crop plat­form that will al­low it to de­vel­op a wide va­ri­e­ty of bi­o­log­ic crop pro­tec­tion and trait prod­ucts. [more in­for­ma­tion]
Yisheng Biopharma
Prod­ucts in de­vt in­clude YS-ON-001 (Ph 1), an IO prod­uct tar­get­ing solid tu­mors and new gen of bi­o­log­ics for pre­ven­tive and ther­a­peu­tic ben­e­fits, in­cl YS-HBV-001 (Ph 1) and PI­KA ra­bies vaccine (Ph 3), tar­get­ing hep B and ra­bies in­fec­tions. GMP cer­ti­fi­ca­tion re­ceived Ju­ly 2019 for Ju­nan, the first med­i­cal freeze-dried ra­bies vaccine with­out an alu­minum ad­ju­vant pro­duced in Chi­na. [more in­for­ma­tion]