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Immunocore: Immunocore is a T cell receptor (TCR) company, a global biotech striving to transform medical practice in the most challenging disease areas. At Immunocore we are focused on delivering first-in-class biological therapies to patients, using our highly innovative soluble TCR platform, and ImmTAC® molecules, a new class of precision-engineered drugs with ultra-high affinity for intracellular cancer targets. ImmTAC molecules naturally recognise cancer cells and cause their destruction through re-directing and activating the patient’s own immune system. This novel class of immunotherapy has the potential to treat a broad spectrum of diseases with high unmet medical need, not only cancers, but also infectious diseases and autoimmune diseases.
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United Kingdom

Company Participants at 2nd Solebury Trout Virtual Global Healthcare Conference Series

David Berman
Immunocore, Head of R&D
Dr. David Berman is Head of Research and Development. Over his career, David has worked on multiple immuno-oncology (IO) programs at all stages of development including leadership roles in developing four approved biologics. Most recently, David was Senior Vice President and Head of the AstraZeneca IO Franchise, responsible for the strategy and execution of the Company’s late stage IO program. Prior to that, he was Head of the early stage oncology program at MedImmune. David has also held senior development roles at Bristol-Myers Squibb including as Head of the Immuno-oncology exploratory development team and global clinical lead for the first approved IO checkpoint inhibitor and one of the first monoclonal antibodies approved for myeloma. Beginning in academia and throughout his industry career, David has led efforts to understand the mechanism of action and predict benefit from IO therapies. David received a Bachelor’s of Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and MD and PhD from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School. He trained in pathology at the National Cancer Institute followed by a fellowship at the Johns Hopkins Hospital.