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Genetron Health: Genetron Health offers full-cycle cancer molecular diagnostics products and services from prevention to treatment. These include risk assessment, early screening, molecular pathology diagnosis, medication guidance and prognosis monitoring – specially catered to the needs of cancer patients, high-risk groups and the healthy population. We are also dedicated to cancer genomics research and provide comprehensive cancer-related cooperation solutions for researchers and medical institutions worldwide.
Based in...
1-2/F, Building 11, Zone 1, 8 Life Science Parkway
Changping District Beijing

Company Participants at 2nd Solebury Trout Virtual Global Healthcare Conference Series

Sizhen Wang
Genetron Health, CEO
With extensive interdisciplinary entrepreneurial experience and corporate management capabilities, he has 20 years of experience in Internet communication, finance and bio-medical industry. He Co-founded iTalkBB in 2004, which business covers millions of users around the world and has grew to become the leading Internet communication brand among Chinese communities in North America and Australia. 7 years of working experience in the banking industry for Capital One and GD Capital. He received an MBA, HEC Paris School of Management.