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Xylonix: Xylonix (Xylonix Pte. Ltd.) is an immuno-oncology biotech that is developing a new way of combating cancer through PARP1 DNA-repair overdrive for toxicity-free, widely applicable and curative first-in-class cancer immunotherapy drugs. Dubbed as onco-parthanatos agents, Xylonix’ lead development candidates, C005D and C008D, are being developed for future indicated use as monotherapy or in combination with other leading immunotherapies such as immune checkpoint inhibitors or CSF1R inhibitors.
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North America
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United States

Company Participants at Summer 2020 NYC Private Company Showcase

  • Jinhyuk Fred Chung, PhD, CSO and President

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Upcoming Company Event Participation

Summer 2020 NYC Private Company Showcase

New York, NY, August 10, 2020