Carisma Therapeutics Inc.

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Carisma Therapeutics Inc.: Developer of cell therapies intended to treat solid tumors by re-engineering macrophages. The company's therapies apply powerful chimeric antigen receptor technology and adoptive cell transfer in cancer therapy and to macrophages that infiltrate the solid tumor micro-environment, enabling solid tumor patients to receive strong cellular immunotherapy and cancer treatments.
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US - Middle Atlantic
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3025 Market Street, Ste 140
Philadelphia, PA 19104
United States

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Steven Kelly
Carisma Therapeutics Inc., CEO
Steven Kelly joined Carisma Therapeutics in February 2018 bringing nearly thirty years of experience in Pharma/Biotech at all phases of the business across multiple therapeutic categories. Prior to joining Carisma, Mr. Kelly held a number of leadership positions in the biotechnology industry including: CEO, Pinteon Therapeutics; CEO, Theracrine; CCO, BioVex; CEO, Innovive Pharmaceuticals; as well as various commercial and manufacturing roles at Sanofi, IDEC Pharmaceuticals and Amgen. Steve holds a BS from the University of Oregon and an MBA from Cornell University.

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