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Candesant Biomedical: Candesant Biomedical is developing a compelling product to unlock the potential of the sweat control market. The company has demonstrated efficacy in two clinical trials that they have developed an effective treatment with a benign side effect profile and no downtime. Further, the product will provide a great value to the consumer with an economic incentive to the treating physicians. This combination of benefits will enable us to unlock the potential of the large population of consumers who are bothered by their sweating (1/3 of US adults, or ~84 million people). The market represents $2.1 billion in the US alone.
Based in...
US - Pacific
Disease Space
3145 Geary Boulevard
Suite 711
San Francisco, CA 941188
United States

Company Participants at Solebury Trout Corporate Access Calls - May 11&12

  • Niquette Hunt, CEO

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