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Oyster Point Pharmaceuticals: Oyster Point is a clinical stage pharmaceutical company leveraging neuroscience to discover, develop and commercialize novel therapies to treat diseases with high unmet needs. The company’s initial focus is to develop innovative therapeutics to treat the signs and symptoms of Dry Eye Disease (DED) by stimulating the Trigeminal Parasympathetic Pathway to activate the glands responsible for tear film production. The parasympathetic nervous system is part of the involuntary nervous system responsible for regulating homeostasis, the “rest and digest” system, and is an important pathway for basal tear film production. Oyster Point Pharma is leveraging a class of receptors called nicotinic acetylcholine receptors which are located on the trigeminal nerve, accessible within the nose, to stimulate tear film production in patients with DED.
Based in...
US - Middle Atlantic
Private, USA
Market Cap
100MM - 500MM
700 Alexander Park Drive
Suite 301
Princeton, NJ 08540
United States

Company Participants at Boston Private Company Showcase

  • Jeffrey Nau, PhD, MMS, CEO

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