Forbius: Protein engineering platforms /design highly active & selective inhibitors of TGF-Beta and EGFR pathways for onco and fibrotic diseases. YM Bioscience spin-out (acquired by GILD). Ilia Tikhomirov, CEO, involved in devt of anti-EGFR agent and JAK inhibitor at YM. AVID100, anti-EGFR ADC in Ph 2a in EGFR IHC3+ cancer in triple (-) breast cancer, head & neck squamous cell carcinoma, and NSCLC. Ph 2a endpts incl ORR, PFS, PK, and safety. Ph 1 complete in all comers, good safety. AVID200, isoform selective TGF-Beta inhibitor in systemic sclerosis, myelofibrosis, scleroderma, and IO (+ in combo w checkpoint blockade). 3 Ph 1s to be started in parallel, open-label.
Based in...
Disease Space
Autoimmune, Immuno-Oncology
101 W 6TH Street
Suite 501
Austin, TX 78701
United States

Company Participants at Forbius NDR EU October 2018

  • Ilia Tikhomirov, President and CEO

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