AsclepiX Therapeutics KOL Event at Palm, Boston

Boston, April 25, 2019
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AsclepiX Therapeutics
Pri­vate, oph­thal­mol­o­gy fo­cused ear­ly stage com­pany; tech­nol­o­gy out of Johns Hop­kins. Plan­n­ing 4Q19 IND and 1Q20 Ph1/2 ini­ti­a­tion (DME and Wet AMD). AX­T107: nov­el pep­tide in­hibit­ing VEGF and ac­ti­vat­ing Tie2; de­mon­s­trat­ed ef­fi­ca­cy and dura­bil­i­ty in rab­bit and mouse mod­els. [more in­for­ma­tion]