Solebury Trout KOL Day

New York City, November 15, 2019

We are pleased to host our first Solebury Trout KOL Day in New York on November 15, 2019, partnered with White & Case

The event brings together companies with KOL’s on specific topics
With the ever expanding conference calendar, we thought this would be a more efficient way for companies to host KOL events

We are pleased to extend this invite to select institutional investors, research analysts and BD reps at pharma companies.
We’ll offer 1x1 meetings as well, with potential availability from KOLs


Tentative Topics/Participants to Include:


Selective inhibitors of TGF Beta & EGFR pathways. AACR: (+) Ph 1 data. 3 ongoing Ph 2 trials (SCCHN, NSCLC, TNBC)

Expertise in innate immunity and immunology with a focus on immunotherapy (RIG-I, Vista) and neuroscience

Three clinical-stage cell therapy programs in dry age-related macular degeneration, spinal cord injury, and oncology

SCLC: Recent approvals in first and third line could be joined with Lurbinectedin in 2nd line

Clinical Insights of New Rapidly Acting, NMDA-based Antidepressants (NeuroRx)



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Event Contact

Brian Korb
Solebury Trout

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