MiNa Therapeutics

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MiNa Therapeutics: Developer of therapeutic medicines designed to harness gene activation mechanisms through small activating RNA. The company's technology and clinical know-how transform the therapy landscape of cancer and other severe diseases, enabling doctors and physicians to cure cancer and other severe diseases and develop new medicines that restore normal function to patients' cells.
Based in...
Clinical Stage
Phase l or ll
Disease Space
Immuno-Oncology, Oncology, Rare Disease
Investment Participation
Series A
Therapeutic Modalities
Platform Technology
84 Wood Lane
London, England W12 0BZ
United Kingdom

Company Participants at Spring Private Company Showcase

Robert Habib
MiNa Therapeutics, Chief Executive Officer
Robert joined MiNA as Chief Executive Officer in 2013. In that period he has been the driving force in establishing MiNA’s strategy, financing, and team of talented professionals. Prior to this Robert held roles in private equity and investment banking. He has a BSc from the University of Bristol and a MBA from Columbia Business School.
Robin Wright
MiNa Therapeutics, CFO
Mr. Robin Wright serves as Chief Financial Officer at MiNA Therapeutics. Prior to MiNA Therapeutics he worked for Vaccitech Limited (2018-2021), Pharming Group N.V. (2020-2015), Family Company (2015-2014) and Imprimatur Capital Found Management (2014). Wright hold's his BA in Chemistry from University of Oxford.