Minoryx Therapeutics

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Minoryx Therapeutics: Minoryx (Private) developing a best-in-class PPARg agonist, leriglitazone (MIN-102), for the treatment of rare CNS diseases. MIN-102 is currently in a pivotal Phase 2/3 study for life threatening, orphan chronic subtype adrenomyeloneuropathy (AMN, adult form of X-ALD) and in a Phase 2 study for Friedrich’s Ataxia (FRDA); top line data for both expected by end of 2020 and marketing authorization filing anticipated in US/EU by 2021. Leriglitazone has Orphan Drug Status in EU and US for X-ALD.
Based in...
Clinical Stage
Phase III, Phase l or ll
Disease Space
Central Nervous System, Metabolic Disorders
Therapeutic Modalities
Gene Therapy
Av. Ernest Lluch 32, TCM3
Barcelona, Catalonia 08302

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Marc Martinell, PhD
Minoryx Therapeutics, Founder and CEO
Marc obtained a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Barcelona. He has broad experience in drug discovery and biotechnology through his participation at companies such as Crystax Pharmaceuticals and Oryzon Genomics where he managed several research projects and led the team in charge of target selection, structural biology, computational chemistry and hit ID through a fragment-based approach. At Oryzon, Marc actively contributed to the identification of the first-in-class inhibitors for the epigenetic target LSD1 currently in clinical studies. Marc is co-author of several patents and publications, and besides his activities in the technological field always had an entrepreneurial calling.

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