Maverick Therapeutics

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Maverick Therapeutics: Maverick Therapeutics is a biotech company focused on improving the lives of patients with solid tumor cancers by developing breakthrough T cell immunotherapies with improved safety and efficacy. Our highly innovative platform, COBRA™, is the most advanced bispecific T cell engaging platform in its class, designed to safely target solid tumors with highly specific and potent activity.

Founded in 2016, Maverick Therapeutics is led by a team of leading experts in protein engineering and T cell therapeutic research and development. Our team is composed of a group of individuals with incredibly diverse backgrounds bound together by a common passion to develop safe and efficacious treatments for a broad number of patients with solid tumor cancers. Each individual brings their own distinct personality and specialized experience to the table to form an integrated discovery and development team. Our approach is to focus foremost on what the patient population needs, and then reverse engineer the technology that can provide that solution.

The COBRA™ platform activates T cells and initiates tumor killing only at the site of the tumor. Unlike other bispecific T cell engagers that are inherently active and potent when administered, each COBRA™ therapy is designed to bind to a specific target and engineered to be an inactive prodrug until it enters the tumor microenvironment.
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Company Participants at Summer 2020 NYC Private Company Showcase

  • Chad May, SVP, Research and Development
  • James Scibetta, CEO
  • Kristen Hawley, Senior Business Associate