Amphista Therapeutics

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Amphista Therapeutics: Amphista Therapeutics has discovered novel proprietary mechanisms for Targeted Protein Degradation (TPD), which can overcome the limitations of other approaches. Our world-leading team combines TPD pioneers, drug discovery experts and experienced biotech entrepreneurs.
• Identified novel degrading mechanisms independent of typical E3 ligases
• Building on strengths of TPD while directly addressing limitations
• Demonstrated superiority over other TPD approaches across three separate areas: increased scope, improved druglike properties and reduced resistance potential
• Initial focus in Oncology with scope to expand into further therapy areas, including CNS diseases

Amphista Therapeutics successfully closed an oversubscribed $53M Series B round in March 2021, building on an initial $7.5M Series A funding raised in April 2020.
Biotech Company
Based in...
27 Fitzroy Square
London, W1T 6ES
United Kingdom

Company Participants at Fall Private Company Showcase 2021

  • Ian Churcher, Dphil, Chief Scientific Officer
  • Nicki Thompson, PhD, CEO

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