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Macrophage Pharma: Macrophage Pharma leverage our proprietary ESM™ to rationally design first-in-class myeloid-specific small molecules to induce selective functional reprogramming of myeloid cells across a number of serious human diseases. The ESM™ technology allows us combine pathway-specific pharmacology with cell-specific drug targeting when designing drugs with focused pharmacology, increased potency and sustained target engagement,.

Our preclinical pipeline includes programs against key myeloid pathways including the signalosome, necrosome and inflammasome in indications spanning chronic inflammation, autoimmune disease, fibrosis and immuno-oncology.
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Søren Bregenholt, Dr
Macrophage Pharma, CEO
Søren is a Danish national. He received his PhD in biomedical research in 2000 from University of Copenhagen. After his post-doctoral research at the Pasteur institute, Søren joined Novo Nordisk in 2001 as scientist and project manager. Since 2002, Søren has held several management positions in pharma and biotech including Corporate VP, Head of External Innovation & R&D Strategy in Novo Nordisk, COO in Symphogen, He joined Macrophage Pharma in 2019 from a position as CBO in IO Biotech. He serves as Chairman of Medicon Valley Alliance, a Danish-Swedish life science organization.

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