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Ethris GmbH: Ethris has paved a new path from genes to therapeutic proteins using its proprietary, non-immunogenic messenger RNA technology platform to discover, design and develop innovative therapies. With more than a decade as an mRNA pioneer, we are a global leader in delivering stabilized mRNAs directly to the respiratory system via optimized formulation and nebulization technologies. We are rapidly approaching in vivo proof of concept for generating therapeutic antibodies against COVID-19 in the lung through a partnered program while advancing our pipeline of immuno-modulation and mRNA-based protein replacement therapies with the ultimate goal of improving patients’ lives
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Munich, 82152

Company Participants at European Biotech Investor Days 2021

Carsten Rudolph
Ethris GmbH, Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Carsten Rudolph, PhD is a co-founder of Ethris and the lead inventor of its SNIM® RNA Technology. His deep expertise is delivering mRNA specifically to the lungs. He is the inventor of 15 patents/applications and has authored more than 120 scientific publications. Carsten is affiliated with the Dr. von Haunerschen Kinderhospital of the Ludwig Maximilians University (LMU) in Munich. He obtained his pharmaceutical degree from Freie Universität (FU) Berlin.