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Mitotech: Mitotech S.A. is a Luxembourg-based biotechnology company developing novel drugs for treatment of predominantly age-related disorders. The core technology behind Mitotech products is based on a novel class of small molecules – mitochondria targeting cardiolipin peroxidation inhibitors. Company's lead compound SkQ1 is being developed in several drug formulations covering a variety of therapeutic areas with major focus on ophthalmology and neurodegenerative diseases. In VISTA-1 – a Phase 2b/3 clinical study in the United States (NCT03764735) - SkQ1 showed evidence of efficacy in reducing both the signs and symptoms in Dry Eye subjects. Topline data from Mitotech's Phase 3 pivotal study (VISTA-2) is expected to be presented at Dry Eye Innovation Showcase 2021 on Mar 11. Dry AMD and LHON programs for SkQ1 ophthalmic solution are at pre-Phase 2 stage with Phase 2 studies projected to start in 2021.
Based in...
42, rue de la Vallee
Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Company Participants at European Biotech Investor Days 2021

Natalia Perekhvatova
Mitotech, CEO
Natalia has been leading Mitotech’s growth as its Chief Executive Officer/Chief Financial Officer, transforming the company from a drug discovery start-up to a dynamic clinical-stage biotech. Prior to Mitotech she acquired extensive experience in financial and IT infrastructure industries holding senior positions at Citigroup and Amadeus. She received her MBA degree from INSEAD, France and MS degree in Applied Mathematics with honors from the Moscow State University, Russia.