Crescendo Biologics

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Crescendo Biologics: Crescendo Biologics is a clinical stage company developing T cell enhancing therapeutics.

Crescendo’s lead programme, CB307, is a CD137 (4-1BB) x PSMA bispecific. CB307’s unique format delivers tumour-specific killing, while avoiding systemic toxicity, and can be applied to a broad range of PSMA-positive cancer indications. It is designed to cause the proliferation of tumour-specific T cells, creating a safe, broad, longer-lasting anti-tumour response and will be in the clinic in early 2021.

Behind the lead programme there is a pipeline of innovative, first or best-in-class T cell enhancing molecules in development. This pipeline is underpinned by Crescendo's novel, patent-protected Humabody® VH platform, which generates fully human VH domains (Humabodies). Humabodies are robust and stable molecules and can be easily assembled into multi-specific formats which can access novel biology. Humabodies can also deliver significantly improved tumour accumulation and penetration compared to conventional monoclonal antibody-based approaches. Crescendo's Humabody platform has received third party validation through Crescendo’s clinical and pre-clinical collaborations. Crescendo has a multi-target collaboration in immuno-oncology, ADCs and CAR-Ts with Takeda, worth up to $790M, and has licensed an innovative programme for an inflammatory target to Zai Lab. Crescendo has also recently signed a clinical development partnership deal with Cancer Research UK for its PD1-LAG3 programme. Crescendo’s innovative, topical therapy CB001, (ZL-1102), for inflammatory indications including psoriasis, was licensed to Zai Lab in 2018 and is currently under evaluation in a phase 1 clinical trial (Trial ID: ACTRN12620000700932).

Crescendo would be delighted to talk to investors about its plans for future growth.
Biotech Company / Healthcare/Biotechnology
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Europe, United Kingdom
Clinical Stage
Phase l or ll
Disease Space
Immuno-Oncology, Immunotherapy, Oncology
Market Cap
100MM - 500MM
Therapeutic Modalities
Antibodies, Platform Technology
Meditrina Building 260
Babraham Research Campus
Cambridge, Cambridgeshire CB223AT
United Kingdom

Company Participants at European Biotech Investor Day 2020

  • Philip Bland-Ward, CDO