Targovax KOL Lunch London June 2017

London, June 26, 2017

Developing two complementary approaches; a peptide-based immunotherapy platform for patients with RAS-mutated cancers and a virus-based immunotherapy platform based on engineered oncolytic viruses armed with potent immune-stimulating transgenes for patients with solid tumors.

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Targovax TRVX:OS $760 MM MCap
De­vel­op­ing two com­ple­men­tary ap­proach­es: a pep­tide-based im­munother­a­py plat­form for pa­tients with RAS-mu­tat­ed can­cers and a virus-based im­munother­a­py plat­form based on en­gi­neered on­co­lyt­ic virus­es... [more in­for­ma­tion]