Consumer Biotech Conference 2020

Davis Polk Event Space, April 30, 2020

The Consumer Biotech Conference will feature presentations, panels, and 1x1s with select companies on Thursday, April 30, 2020 at Davis Polk & Wardwell event space, in New York.

Biotechnology will offer some of the most compelling investment opportunities of the 2020s.

Especially, when applied to the manufacturing of consumer packaged goods.

In the past 10 years, more than $12 billion has been invested into synthetic biology, the discipline making biology easier to engineer. In 2019, alone, investments so far have reached nearly $2 billion.

At the first Consumer Biotech Conference, New York City, April 9, 2020, an A-list of synthetic/consumer biotechnology companies will introduce you to:

  • Organism engineering,
  • Lab-grown leather,
  • Algae-produced materials,
  • Animal-free proteins for CPG products,
  • Cellular agriculture,
  • Sustainable plastics, and
  • The picks and shovels powering the synthetic biology revolution.

Why Consumer Biotechnology?

Biotechnology's impact has long been underestimated due to the mistaken believe that biotech is a subset of the pharmaceutical industry. Pharma happens to be one of many industries being transformed by synthetic biology.

Everything from apparel to packaging is shifting from chemical-based manufacturing to biological processes. For example, the $140 billion laundry detergent industry has been disrupted by engineered enzymes that more sustainably clean clothing than detergents. The $600 billion cosmetics industry, the $100 billion hair care industry, and the $40 billion fragrance industry are all reinventing products for sustainability and performance.

The $8 trillion food and agriculture industry is being transformed by bio-reactors. Meat analogues grown sustainably in breweries are also growing at 16 percent annually.

Few industry sectors are not going to become dependent on biotech’s creations.

Attend our first Consumer Biotech Conference event to learn how synthetic biology and consumer biotech are unlocking the most significant economic opportunities of the coming decades.


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