Atreca, Inc.
IPO News: Filed S-1/A: Atreca, Inc. Launches 7.35mm Share IPO with $16.00 - $18.00 Marketing Range
Atreca, Inc.

Atreca, Inc.

Exchange: NASD


Initial Filing Date: 05/24/19

Launch Date: 06/10/19

Price Range: $16.00 - $18.00

Initial Shares Offered (mm): 7.4

Shares Offered (Pre-Shoe | mm): 7.4

Primary Shares (mm): 7.4

Secondary Shares (mm): 0.0

Amount Offered (@ Midpoint)(mm): $125.0

% Secondary: 0.0%

Shares Outstanding (mm): 26.8

Market Value at Midpoint (mm): $455.3

Offering as % of Market Value: 27.4%

Bookrunner(s): COWEN | EVER | STFL

Co-Manager(s): Canaccord Genuity | Brookline Capital Markets

Major Holder(s): Baker Brothers Life Sciences LP | Boxer Capital | Hadley Harbor Master Investors | Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation | Directors & Named Executives

Industry: Healthcare-Biomed / Genetics

Description: Atreca is a biopharmaceutical company utilizing our differentiated platform to discover and develop novel antibody-based immunotherapeutics to treat a range of solid tumor types. While more traditional oncology drug discovery approaches attempt to generate antibodies against known targets, Atreca’s approach relies on the human immune system to direct them to unique antibody-target pairs from patients experiencing a clinically meaningful, active immune response against their tumors. These unique antibody-target pairs represent a potentially novel and previously unexplored landscape of immuno-oncology targets. Atreca believe the fact that our approach has the potential to deliver novel, previously unexplored immuno-oncology targets provides them with a significant competitive advantage over traditional approaches which focus on known targets that many companies are aware of and can pursue. Atreca has utilized its drug discovery approach to identify over 1,400 distinct human antibodies that bind preferentially to tumor tissue from patients who are not the source of the antibody. The company’s lead product candidate, ATRC-101, is a monoclonal antibody with a novel mechanism of action and target derived from an antibody identified using their discovery platform. ATRC-101 reacts in vitro with a majority of human ovarian, non-small cell lung, colorectal and breast cancer samples from multiple patients. It has demonstrated robust anti-tumor activity as a single agent in multiple preclinical models, including one model in which PD-1 checkpoint inhibitors typically display limited activity. Atreca anticipates filing an Investigational New Drug, or IND, application for ATRC-101 in late 2019 and initiating a Phase 1b clinical trial in patients with solid tumors in early 2020, subject to U.S. Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, approval of their IND application.

Note: Emerging Growth Company; Dual Class Structure

Reference Link: S-1/A