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Solebury Trout Updates: Reminder - Download Trout App for Iphone or Android
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The “Trout Contacts App” is available to Trout clients for iPhone, Android and Blackberry devices.  This App allows you to access meetings and meeting contacts, including background information along with a host of other features listed below. 

The app is tailored to each client. Through the search icon you will also have access to Trout's contact library. 

Features and benefits:

  • Access complete meeting history at Trout
  • Mark “Favorite” contacts
  • View contact detail and background information of contacts and institutions
  • See how often you have met a contact and when your initial / last meetings were
  • View upcoming and past agendas
  • Navigate meeting history at the individual or company level
  • Export contact information
  • Add your own private notes regarding a contact
  • Request specific information on a contact, and someone from the Trout team will respond to you personally
  • Forward your meeting agenda to or upload a PDF or phota through the app and Trout will add the agenda to the system

We really hope you find this app useful and valuable.  If you have never logged in prior, please contact your Trout representative to send you a username and password or reply to this email.

You can download the app for