Urovant Sciences
IPO News: Filed S-1/A: Urovant Sciences Launches 10mm Share IPO with $14.00 - $16.00 Marketing Range
Urovant Sciences

Urovant Sciences


Initial Filing Date: 07/13/18

Launch Date: 09/17/18  

Price Range:  $14.00 - $16.00

Initial Shares Offered (mm): 10.0

Shares Offered (Pre-Shoe | mm): 10.0

Primary Shares (mm):  10.0

Secondary Shares (mm): 0.0

Amount Offered (@ Midpoint)(mm):  $150.0

% Secondary:  0.0%

Shares Outstanding (mm):  30.0

Market Value at Midpoint (mm):  $450.4

Offering as % of Market Value:  33.3%

Bookrunners:  JPM | JEFF | COWEN          

Major Holder:  Roivant Sciences

Industry: Healthcare

Description:  Urovant Sciences is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on developing and commercializing innovative therapies for urologic conditions.

Note: Emerging Growth Company

Launch link: S-1/A