KOL Breakfast: A New Class of Glx Targeted Anti-Depressants

New York, May 9, 2018

Please join us for a KOL breakfast on May 9th in NYC to discuss a new class of Glx targeted antidepressants.

Traditional Serotonin-raising antidepressants all carry an FDA-mandated warning regarding increased risk of suicide. Raising Glx in the brain is known to reduce depressive and suicidal ideation. The only FDA-approved treatment today that reduces Glx is electroconvulsive therapy. The new generation of Glx antidepressants, including ketamine and d-cycloserine based drugs has the potential to achieve the benefits of ECT without its severe side effects. These treatments are now being developed under FDA FAST TRACK and SPECIAL PROTOCOL AGREEMENT.

Please join us for a discussion of these treatments in depression and suicidality as well as Glx as a biomarker for depression. See additional details on the event and NeuroRx below.


J. John Mann, MD
Paul Janssen Professor of Translational Neuroscience in Psychiatry and Radiology, Vice Chair for Research in Department of Psychiatry
Columbia University

Daniel C. Javitt, MD
Director of the Division of Experimental Therapeutics and of Schizophrenia Research
Columbia University

Event Details:

Date: Wednesday, May 9, 2018
Time: 8-9am ET
Location: Harvard Club New York

For more information or to RSVP, contact Meggie Purcell at mpurcell@troutgroup.com.


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