Teon Therapeutics: Teon Therapeutics is a private biopharma start-up developing a novel pipeline of next-generation cancer therapeutics targeting GPCRs. Our ethos is to develop therapies for untreatable solid tumors that are pharmacoeconomically responsible (i.e. not $1M/treatment). GPCRs are a proven drug target, accounting for >30% of all FDA approved drugs, and have emerged as a high potential target in oncology, particularly adenosine pathways in the tumor microenvironment. Teon has assembled top GPCR biologists and chemists with decades of industry experience, and in 1.5 years, have developed a highly-specific A2B antagonist, as well as an EP4 antagonist, both slated to enter Phase 1b trials in 2021. Teon’s pipeline includes an A2A antagonist, as well as other first-in-class programs in candidate selection.
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US - Pacific
Clinical Stage
Pre-Clinical Stage
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Oncology, Women's Health
Pharmaceuticals, Specialty Pharmaceutical
555 Twin Dolphin Dr, Suite 120
Redwood City, CA 94065
United States

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