PsiOxus Therapeutics: IV administered T-SIGn onco virus platform transforms adenovirus into “armed” vector. The therapy (NG-348), uses virus to transport two therapeutic genes directly into tumors to recruit immune cells into attacking targeted cancer cells. 2 partnerships with BMS.
Upcoming Milestones:
- 2 programs in clinic with readouts in 2019 (ovarian cancer in comb w Paclitaxel, carcinomas in comb w nivolumab)
- 2 INDs in 2018 (NG-348 and NG-350A)
- 2 INDs in 2019 (NG-641 and NG-347)
4-10 The Quadrant, Barton Lane
Abingdon, Oxfordshire, OX14 3YS
United Kingdom

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